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Escape from Hell (1980)

A women's prison camp is located deep in the tropical rain forest. Sadistic guards and a warden from hell make life almost unbearable for the inmates, and any infraction of the rules is dealt with swiftly and savagely. The camp doctor is horrified at what he sees happening, and drinks heavily to push the horror away. Finally the inmates have had had enough, and they enlist the help of the doctor to try and escape. prison, rape, exploitation, sadism, women's prison, prison escape, murder, jungle, punishment, brutality, violence, death

Released: Mar 27, 1980


Genre: , ,

Stars: Anthony Steffen, Ajita Wilson, Cristina Lay, Cintia Lodetti, Luciano Pigozzi, Serafino Profumo, Gilberto Galimberti, Maite Nicote, Yael Forti, Zaira Zoccheddu, Adelaide Cendra

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