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The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Journey of Radiance (2007)

January, 1910. The Jones family attends a meeting of the Theosophy movement in Benares, India. There young Indy befriends a young boy named Jiddu Krishnamurti who is presented by the society to be the next world teacher and possible messiah. Traveling on to China in March, mother Jones takes Miss Seymour and Indy on a sightseeing trip while father meets with Chinese translator Yen Fu. Indy becomes ill during a rain storm and the travelers seek shelter with a poor Chinese family. Dispite the misgivings of his mother, a local doctor is allowed to treat the boy with acupuncture. indiana jones, woman director, edited from tv series

Released: Oct 23, 2007


Genre: , , , ,

Stars: Corey Carrier, Margaret Tyzack, Ruth de Sosa, Lloyd Owen, John Wood, Dorothy Tutin, Ping Wu, Nigel Fan, Hemanth M. Rao, Anatol Yusef

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