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Spooks: The Greater Good (2015)

During a handover to the head of counter-terrorism of MI5, Harry Pearce, a terrorist escapes custody. When Harry disappears soon after, his protégé is tasked with finding out what happened as an impending attack on London looms, and eventually uncovers a deadly conspiracy. corruption, terrorist, explosive, kidnapping, police, flashback, conspiracy, escape, one man army, massacre, sabotage, innocent person killed, mi5, disobeying orders

Released: Apr 11, 2015


Genre: ,

Stars: Peter Firth, Kit Harington, Elyes Gabel, Jennifer Ehle, Tim McInnerny, Tuppence Middleton, Eleanor Matsuura, David Harewood, Lara Pulver, Hugh Simon, Ronan Summers

Subtitle: english.png Germany.png france.png italy.png Spain.png Kroasia portugal Hungary ETC.