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Six Kids and the Honeymooners (1967)

Erik and Lisbeth are getting married and then honeymoon to Austria. When Mom and Dad need to have another baby, the four small decides to go on the honeymoon as well. They hide in the caravan and come unseen to Austria. Since they do not have passports, Erik can not just send them home. The children are only listed in their mother's passport and she is in the hospital giving birth. Lisbeth and Erik have to take care of the kids. It provides a lot of fun entanglements between the wedding couple and the children. Erik and Lisbeth doing now what they can just get a few moments alone. However, there is always something, so it will be an unforgettable honeymoon with my sister's children. woman director

Released: Oct 13, 1967


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Stars: Axel Strøbye, Birgit Sadolin, William Rosenberg, Jeanne Darville, Sonja Oppenhagen, Jan Priiskorn Schmidt, Michael Rosenberg, Vibeke Houlberg, Pusle Helmuth, Bjørn Puggaard-Müller, Karl Stegger

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