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The Right Stuff (1983)

A chronicle of the original Mercury astronauts in the formation of America's space program: Alan Shepherd, the first American in space; Gus Grissom, the benighted astronaut for whom nothing works out as planned; John Glenn, the straight-arrow 'boy scout' of the bunch who was the first American to orbit the earth; and the remaining pilots: Deke Slayton, Scott Carpenter and Wally Schirra. based on novel or book, nasa, answering machine, cold war, pilot, u.s. air force, space travel, politics, historical figure, epic, flight, astronaut, space race, lyndon johnson, test pilot, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, sound barrier, space program

Released: Oct 20, 1983


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Stars: Fred Ward, Dennis Quaid, Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Sam Shepard, Barbara Hershey, Lance Henriksen, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Shearer, Jeff Goldblum, Kim Stanley

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