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Eight Deadly Shots (1972)

Small-farmer Pasi shoots four policemen who have come to arrest him for raged drunkenness. Rest of the movie is a long flashback examining the events that finally leads to the tragic shooting. As time goes by, Pasi sinks gradually deeper and deeper into the poverty, gets into trouble with both police and tax officials while family arguments grow more and more serious. Based on a true story, miniseries, finland

Released: Apr 19, 1972



Stars: Mikko Niskanen, Tarja-Tuulikki Tarsala, Paavo Pentikäinen, Tauno Paananen, Elina Liimatainen, Ari Vainiontaus, Mauno Argillander, Sulo Hokkanen, Ilmari Piilonen, Yrjö Liehunen, Kalle Kellokangas

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